Why choose wood?

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    Wood produces oxygen and absorbs CO2, harmful for the environment

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    We respect tree growth times and responsibly use forests, as our certifications assure

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    Wood has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics

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    Wood is warm and welcoming and transmits to humans a sense of well-being

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    Wood is an extraordinary material: it's lightweight and, at the same time, very durable

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    Wood is the ideal material for the construction of safe buildings in case of earthquakes



Earthquake safety

In Italy the seismic risk of masonry buildings is high: wooden "box roofs" can be a great solution

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What people says about us

  • «What made us decide to build a wooden house was the earthquake of Reggio Emilia. We are convinced that wooden houses offer greater security than the reinforced concrete ones»
    - Rota Family
  • «I was advised by my engineer to build a wooden house for its comfort and energy saving; I have to say that during the construction of the house the times were fast and the costs secure and I saw in Marlegno a prepared, serious and helpful company ... I'm really satisfied»
    - Vassalli Simone
  • Our prerogative was to have 'something new and different from others' and in 4 months we realized our dream
    - Zighetti Family
  • A very ispecial thanks to Marlegno, who has completed the Racagni School with great professionality
    - Michele Alinovi
  • Testimonials Rota Family
  • Testimonials Vassalli Simone
  • Testimonials Zighetti Family
  • Testimonials Michele Alinovi

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