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We are an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of wooden houses, buildings and prefabricated structures.

We are a competent and reliable builder, with more than 17 years of work experience, and we take advantage of a specialized technical office for the development of tailored projects.

We constantly monitor each stage of the design, prefabrication and assembly with a great attention to details and choose the best materials from the eco-sustainability point of view, using only wood from PEFC certified forests.

Prefabrication is attention to details

Prefabrication, which takes place directly in our factory, allows us to work in an optimal way, taking care of every single detail and ensuring an higher quality than traditional buildings.

Speed of construction

Built directly into our factory, our wooden buildings have shorter times of construction, installation and delivery, compared with conventional constructions, in any season.

Secure costs

Our houses have secure costs since the conclusion of the contract. In fact, the price doesn’t change during construction processes, as it happens when you build a traditional house.

High energetic, acoustic and  seismic performances

Wood has no rivals in terms of energy savings. Intrinsic characteristics of the material: thermal insulation, thermal inertia and hygroscope make it a valuable ally in cutting energy costs.  Due to its high insulating value it has excellent sound absorption properties resulting from its fibrous nature. Characteristics such as lightness and strength make wooden structures elastic and suitable to deal with seismic events; they can, in fact, better absorb stresses, limiting injuries to the structure.

After sales service

We guarantee to our clients an efficient after sales service, assisting them even after the construction of their home.

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility means responsibility for future generations and guarantees the quality of life to the present one. Preferring wood can be a farsighted choice: the use of a renewable resource, in fact, perfectly matches with the reduction of energy losses during the whole construction process.


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